In search of innocence!

I lost the bright to the night
I lost the touch of morning dew
I lost cells in -and outside,  they kept changing anew.
The clouds came and went
first it was cold, then warm
I was blue, now fiery red
passion runs wild –
like the wine reaching the tongue.

I lost a kiss!
Will we live eternally?
or how will the newness of death salute us?
Can I  say DIE without feeling a sadness
deep as the loss of a childhood friend?
When did we loose each other in the avenues,
empty bottles and a burning self.
Days flash before the window
and I wonder when I will sing.
The mosquito will not be slain by this hand
he’s my only witness
he can eat my blood, like a vampire sit and suck
as long as he listens to the hymns of my heart

In between dusky dawns, a summer night
a cynical old man, still with a heart
I walked down the grave to where innocence laid slain
in this dream I had a healing hand
and innocence raised again.
Lets be childhood lovers, kiss me on my cheek
I promise to blush!
Lets bike streets, feel the wind,
play basket ball, go on nightly mission at lakes,
play eternal games, never intoxicated but by play,
night comes too fast and the eyes rest to the song
of my mother —
godnat bamse bjørn – godnat alle børn!



~ by Aquatic Poetry on July 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “In search of innocence!”

  1. This is most beautiful. I am grateful to you for having written such words.

    leonard centobie

  2. Thank you, Leonard, for your comment. I appreciate you stopping by.

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