Eye of God

Seekers, believers.
The faith brings one far, one that searches, who tries to find.
One remembers all the attempts, the membranes of the puzzle of life.

One moment the voice of a godly being whispers godly truths in one’s ear,         making one inconceivably relieved, with the thought that now the light of past seeking and mad efforts has been attained.
To then find oneself in a bewilderment, enslaved by the executor, that has no mercy and pisses on the dead.

In where is it created, this arbitrary fake face.

Solitary is one in one’s own corpus.

These are the ones who whispers in the windows at night.
“Where is the way out”? Willing to become devout believers.

Forgive thyself eternally
Embrace thyself in love


~ by Aquatic Poetry on September 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Eye of God”

  1. Solitude is the path of frozen tears that the ashen angels had shed for their knowledge of the loneliness of God.

  2. thats really beautiful Anea, really cool, it captures a sense of the human condition that sometimes hangs onto guilt of something, and i think you express this in those closing lines. Truly a beautiful honest and wonderful piece of poetry. Thank you for sharing this.

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