Perfectly blue sky

Perfectly blue sky,
tender hearts with frostbites.
The sun melts away the ice on the window frame,
but the ice will permanently stay on the street,
the birds might not return.

But it’s a wonderfully beautiful blue sky.

The sun enhances the spirit,
but not the collective soul.
Unchanged is only the unchangeable, which is – well I forgot!
A man rides up the mountain, on his horse, Mustang,
only to find that the spot where he started, is far away.
Where are we going, Mustang, you and I?
In a vague attempt he rides a bit further,
then forgets the purpose and goes back down.
Beautiful purposeless purpose, you in your elegant sway and swagger,
how can you not be loved?
Nothing to do but enjoy the perfectly blue sky

~ by Aquatic Poetry on January 26, 2010.

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