Human Addictions

Inseparable squares, labyrinths, Sunday’s weeping eyes.
Blackout  — blackbird – sing to me louder – black out all noise, best not remember.
Drown me with what you’ve got,
leave my eyes open in sleepless slumber.
Drained roots, restless particles.
The night’s silent chatter, like a deafening breeze.
Unnoticed spasm of indigestion. Mental constipation.
In imperfection lies the rested child,
awaiting the renunciation of the constant replacement of addiction.
Think, you, crossing the landscape of eternity
and there’s still fragile nerves that disrupt madness
– in it’s most perfectly pure sleep –
Enchanted lullaby’s aborted by winter.
The orphan child’s heart is laughter.
She’s the beer and the bottle, but not the drunk.
Life’s leaves, intoxicating soberness – DARE WE SEE?


~ by Aquatic Poetry on February 10, 2010.

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