Flowers in the water

I lay a flower on the street.
I put a flower in my hair.
It does not give you life,
but it makes you near.

As my bike takes me far,
you caress my hair in the wind
you speak in cloud formations
you speak to those who passed away.

I step into the water
waiting to hear your name.
I stand in the water,
letting you go with each wave

Each tear is a thank you
because you left a golder trace,
you left the path to love
which will always be here.

The strawberries might be dead now
but their sweetness still prevails.
The garden might have had it’s last celebration
but still shows the colored balloons.

The graveyard holds your bed
you came to say goodbye,
the dream was all but salty
be not afraid, I told you shy.

– Drøm sødt mormor.

Beautiful woman, dear grandmother,

Marie Christine Sandholdt neé Jørgensen.


~ by Aquatic Poetry on May 25, 2010.

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