Birth of a day – remnants of a birthday

A wave of infinite births rushes through me.
Devoured by an impermanent feeling of remorse
for having let the day die.
A question, filled with the same will as the cloud
full of water, forces itself into my being with the same persistence
as the drunk, in need of his fix – haunting!
Is this the color of life?
The color of life, in search of how to live.

The child within me grows daily, with the motivation being,
that I don’t understand adult ways.
I do my best to treat the rules with the dignity and respect
as of one who has lived a long life and endured many burdens.
A result of the evolution of human society.
But inside me is the child, who IS me
and I want to dance with the wind that haunts me,
in moonlit nights, candles on the floor,
on a day of birth, who loved me,
as if she was my mother…


~ by Aquatic Poetry on May 30, 2010.

One Response to “Birth of a day – remnants of a birthday”

  1. Beautiful poem Anea, thank you for sharing it, touched by the imagery of the words you use, particularly like the concept of how we grow from children into adults confused, thinking that with adulthood the confusion should diminish, but in my experience it increases. Wonderful poem that you have shared Anea…

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