A close relation

I found this old writing, which I had forgotten.
It was written on a bus trip going from Costa Rica to Nicaragua.

Deep inside I realize my love for nature; deep felt and warm, this love thunders through the night sky and pierces my veins. If I did not find myself a part of nature, I would with determination step out of my physical body, watch it annihilate and for all future ages of the cosmos unlearn my own evolution, float in space until Neptune and I encounter and I start to orbit.

If I live to see the madness of the world lulled to sleep, and balance in hearts of man restored, I will praise that day and name it Golden.

To watch nature grow, change and follow universal laws is an event of pure being, which cannot be priced. Imagine to watch a tree grow from infantry into an elder, with all its mystery and numerous unfolding arms stretching towards heaven.

Some say trees are our cousins, a thought with which I unite. I will embrace the tree, my cousin, in return I am told the course of history from the domain of his reality.

A squirrel is making a run across a phone wire.

Leaves are breathing in the sun, green and vital.

Roots are stretching across the surface of the earth.

Bienvenido al Rincon Decorativo todo en jardineria y confeccion.

I do find myself in the midst of deprivation, I have become a cripple to nature, and I find myself blindfolded and swoon over by worldly distraction.

But I miss my cousin and the mysterious whisper in the wind, wisdom and his enlightened aura.

Painting by Victoria Vu


~ by Aquatic Poetry on June 13, 2010.

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