The man sat so patiently, he had not eaten for days.
I don’t think he had a roof, and he had shed many fears. I found him sweet and I wanted to speak, but his words were much to cloudy. I hope he found a home that night, in compassion‘s warm embrace.

Words are weak,
for what we speak,
for silence rules our tongue.
Love’s laughter, lights the trail, of sister/brotherhood play.
Oh, don’t come near you evil child,
our love is much too fierce.
But take a bit of fruit, my child,
feel love tickle your ear.

Sleepy eyes, poet child,
the veil of dreams weights on you.
A kiss is shipped across your dreams,
on windblown rafts of love.
In shapes of a tear, my gratitude,
that stars, they gave you life.

Anger rides like a shadow face,
the wind is sharp and spicy.
Sad clown, teary eyes,
let forgiveness rule the heart.

~ by Aquatic Poetry on June 20, 2010.

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