Melodic melancholy

The shy musicians, presenting their tunes.
Humble poetry, melodic melancholy, sincere.
He sits on a bench one Saturday midday.
It’s summer, the streets are ours again, the night seem endless,
blessed by the tranquility of open spirits.
All the inexpressible failures.
Doors that are shut for no reason, at all.
So is his life.
And where will they end, these compositions,
in the night or in the glory of dawn?
His horn plays my heart’s rhythm, it’s beat.
Where will they go the streets, if they lead to nowhere,
the final destination being nothingness?
The moon is nowhere to be found but in my heart,
like crystal light reaching out, into eternity.

~ by Aquatic Poetry on July 14, 2010.

7 Responses to “Melodic melancholy”

  1. animated writing,
    your words are full of power!

  2. Please visit me for detailed information about Thursday Poets Rally.

    Rally week 25 is on July 21, run a week long,
    poetry awards are to be assigned.


  3. Thank you Jingle, I will visit you.

  4. beautiful imagery in your words
    love the line “blessed by the tranquility of open spirits”

  5. Thank you Trev., I appreciate you stopping by, as always.
    I was not able to enter your new blog, did you change it?

  6. Excellent imagery…you created a haunting scene with your words.

  7. Thank you for the comment Charlie. I hope you have a great weekend.

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