A whisper

I whisper change,
into echoes of infinity.
I’m running towards tomorrow,
while today’s bloom still carry the fragrance of youth.

Did you ever wonder
about your day’s thoughts,
you dreams?
Or did you forget,
before or after, being too busy,
to finish a thought?

I wonder.
I wonder where purpose
lies hidden,
though I’m aware of it’s lucidity.
I wonder why freedom,
beats in my heart
and my mind forgets,
and why forgetfulness,
seems to forget love.

~ by Aquatic Poetry on August 6, 2010.

7 Responses to “A whisper”

  1. this is a beautiful poem that encourages me for the future change ahead in my life, thank you thank you for sharing this because these words have given me strength, words that i see myself in, and i know that i am not alone in how i think and see the world, bring on the change tomorrow, the change always starts within…

  2. Hi! I like your poetry! Are you Danish? Do you write both in Danish and English? I am Swedish but I write mostly in English. You can check out my stuff on “poetry” on my blog if you are keen. If it doesn’t say anything else its my own writing. Hope to come back to your blog soon!

  3. trev, thank you. i’m glad that you found encouragement in the words, i think deep down most of us share the same fears and doubts, but are not brave enough to address them and to cherish life in it’s essence, which is a shame in my opinion.
    and you’re right, the fortress of strength and change, lies ready inside, to bloom.

  4. Hi inwardsun,
    thank you for stopping by.
    yes i’m danish, but most of the time i write in english, but i’m trying to start to write more in danish now, since i want to explore my native language as well.
    i stopped by your blog this morning and you have some great posts, i will look deeper into it later on.
    do you ever write in swedish?

    enjoy the weekend,

  5. Hej! I feel the same about my mother tongue, I would love to explore it more, languages are a fascinating thing! I haven’t posted much in Swedish on my blog actually…although I have had it for 2 years, but maybe I should start? Swedish and Danish are so similar so I’m sure we would enjoy each others writing! Hav en dejlig dag! /Helen

  6. I wonder the same as u do…

    hoe lovely to read your work and get inspired..
    way to go!

  7. Jingle i’m so happy you wonder too. and glad the piece caused some inspiration.
    enjoy friday,

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