One might wonder,
which alley to venture into,
when faced with the breeze,
before thunder.

Surrounded by undefined archetypes,
sailing the empty vessel,
brimming with dreams,
wondering about inborn divinity,
as the pervert stops and stares,
a last look.
Alas, the burden of human heredity.

Not knowing red from blue and green and yellow,
as a moment leads to the next and
an unpleasant feeling of disorder,
finds it’s way around
in a ordered, disorderly universe.

Let beauty spring
from eternal fountains
between black swam lakes
and white woods,
there, from the orchestra of color.


~ by Aquatic Poetry on August 10, 2010.

8 Responses to “Fountain”

  1. life is a blind journey at times…

    stunning images your words painted here.

  2. the image of the eyes is amazing…but so is your poem..some excellent lines..the opening stanza had me from the start…a good poem, cheers Pete

  3. Wow, that image is stuck in my mind!! Alas, the burden of human heredity..thought provoking with so much feeling in your words. It made me sad. Happy rally x

  4. Thank you Buttercup600 for stopping by. I took a look into your blog, thank you for sharing too.
    Enjoy the day.

  5. Hi Pete,
    I appreciate your comment. I’m glad you got caught from the first strophe, and spent time to read on.
    Enjoy the weekend. I will submerge myself into your poetry soon.

  6. Jingle, thank you for your visit.
    .. a blind journey indeed..

  7. “faced with the breeze
    before the thunder” hooked me!
    Descriptive beyond the limitations of mere words!
    I enjoyed this read.

  8. thank you for stopping by.
    it’s the breeze, now, before the night.. goodnight.

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