Life goes on

Dancing the refined moves,
along wooden floors,
dressed in blossom,
and a stubborn eyeball.
One friend,
I clearly remember,
where is she now,
sitting somewhere,
maybe still are her feet,
in laced shoes,
dazzling across,
the great unknown.

When do you let go,
when memories are there,
that were and are valuable,
but the force,
from which they exist,
lingers on now,
like a too hot day,

How did you grow out of
your childhood face,
into these new eyes,
unknown to me,
merely reflecting,
what I once knew,
do we still mean it,
when we say
we miss each other?

When do you decide,
to leave the roller coaster,
taking on a new path,
she, not being a pathfinder,
losing track of me,
I, being aware of this,
letting a turquoise tear,
drop in our memory.

Having said this,
all that resides in my vault,
is my love for what we
wishing you a safe journey,
always keeping you,
in a lovable faint place.

~ by Aquatic Poetry on August 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Life goes on”

  1. striking imagery

  2. thank you, blue child love

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