I’ll go,
where the grass
always grows.

I’ll follow the flock,
as they devour
the hills,
always not knowing
which way to go.

I’ll sit for hours,
with no end,
not waiting
for something
to happen.

I will wear my
turquoise dress,
the color of my being,
all day, everyday,
and it will be the
perfect occasion.

I won’t live exactly,
like you’re told to.
My heart beats,
like each wave,
over your
expectations of me.

The moon
was so pretty
last night,
I fell asleep
and dreamt
of you.


~ by Aquatic Poetry on August 25, 2010.

4 Responses to “Someday”

  1. Strange, isn’t it, that you do all the things you should not do, or
    you do them, just in spite of it’s mere existence… but when it comes to the forces that draw you to love someone… that all goes by the wayside, so you may just enjoy being in the company of your thoughts of love, and very appropriately, Malene… the Moon! This is a nice composition!

  2. Thank you Denise for coming by.
    To the Moon,

  3. I loved it! it’s calm yet, shattering. This is the best i have read this season. Glad ‘m here. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep Writing.

  4. Tina,
    thank you for your love responses to my writings, it warms me.
    I really enjoyed your poetry too, will venture into your poetry tonight.

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