Nature’s mystique

Half asleep
eyes foggy with dreams,
dripping colors.

Yesterday a man sat
waiting for the bus
then suddenly threw his cigarette bud
the street,
letting it die slowly
without paying death
any attention.

The trees turn golden now,
taking now off their clothes,
deflowered by Autumn’s caress,
leaving it on the sidewalk for
the wind and us to play with,
and ponder upon,
blossoming with effort to remind us,
that they too are mortal.


~ by Aquatic Poetry on September 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Nature’s mystique”

  1. Autumn Calls When People Pay No Attention To
    The Changes Taking Place, but there is always someone,
    to record the events as they unfold
    to let the rest of us know that it’s time
    to Change our Outerwear!

    Nice release! ;-))

  2. I love the parts of this poem…painting different images but with a storng message or mortality.

  3. It’s interesting to me how living in a country where four seasons rule, makes one think about time in a melancholic yet joyous way.
    Seasons always seem to take a part of me away, to let a new feeling grow inside.
    Enjoy the weekend and autumn.

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