lilacs love

i knew
when i first knew
that this life would change
that a blossoming was on its way.
a spiral which i must follow,
a lightening strikes,
a blue ribboned tea bag,
bearing the smell of sweet dates.

i hold Love by his hand,
no spirit could offer his light
so i close my eyes,
as we walk the fields of night,
leading to the sea,
where the love story takes place.
he must be a son of a moon,
a pillar in the night.
he feeds me fruits of color,
soaked in loud silence,
oceanic whisper,
while holding a lilac,
which he offers me,
before the seasons change us both.
we again hold hands,
he breathes – with the purity of winter,
and i, behind rosy cheeks,
can not hide my shy appreciation,
for his gift,
which we share.


~ by Aquatic Poetry on September 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “lilacs love”

  1. Very lovely verse…wonderful to read aloud.

  2. Sweet Scent-ament, indeed! ;-))
    This seems to have rolled right out of the pen with such ease – maybe because it was a comfortable place to be!?

  3. a comfortable place indeed, in the garden of the imagination.
    enjoy the day. malene

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