Did you forget?

Dusty dawn, windy weather
and I still don’t quite understand.
Desert kings and mint queens –
and all the beautiful ocean children.

A distance is there, a tormented separation,
love decaying by the day in those hearts.
The oceans lacks no good intention to free
the burden of fear.

At night I would through rosebuds
into the sky, onto streets where love seems
to have disappeared from the hearts.
Catch them, oh catch them
sweet lover of the same light.
How could that light have been bleak,
Come now, rosebud in hand, and dance with me,
you play-child.


~ by Aquatic Poetry on October 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “Did you forget?”

  1. I felt a sense of sad hopefulness in this one…expecting the decay but hoping to at least delay it.

  2. SING IT, SISTA!!!
    There is so much enthusiasm in this… like a contageon, you cannot help but Get It!!! ;-))

  3. hopefully delaying it, hopeful that it catches on.
    enthusiastic about today, contagious like a rosy wind (of love).
    have a nice day the both of you.


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