Rose in the vase – dying

Sometimes you need to digest to express.
Sometimes acceptance begs to be heard.
Acceptance comes in various forms:
Like looking at the dying rose in her vase,
a sad feeling  inside, to see that her beauty seems to have faded.
Forgetting acceptance, trying to keep her in her vase,
thinking, maybe,that her beauty will return.
How come I missed to see the beauty of her transformation.

There are so many windows,
the night comes faster now
and the lights are on almost everywhere.
How come life becomes more uniform,
more stable and comfortable,
how come only here?
How come the games we used to play, lay abandoned
in the gutter like memories of our grandparents house,
with its vegetable garden.
Why is it that I don’t understand
that playmates have stopped playing,
and the tea we used to drink in the old couch, stands alone and cold.

How can, how come, change into something new,
something unquestioning,
pure as the new snow,
before the cars drives through?


~ by Aquatic Poetry on November 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rose in the vase – dying”

  1. A number of things to consider when reading this well penned poem.

  2. Thank you Charles.

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