Nightly tales

I can’t taste the pear!
It’s ripe and juicy,
however I can’t taste it!
Only am I able to sense its consistency.

I engage myself in something,
unable to fulfill the task.
There is an aquatic cloud orbiting me,
seducing me.
Question marks, illuminated and airborne
are nearby, floating.

It has finally happened
that the trees are completely nude,
exhibiting their hearts on the outside,
They withdraw, entering introspective surrender.

He walks the streets this night,
wearing a headlight – it must be 4 a.m.
His name is Vladimir, a Polish youth.
It’s raining lightly, but hard enough to penetrate
our clothes.
He delivers the Saturday morning newspapers.
He enters the building where I live
and comes back out after a few moments.
I approach him saying: “You’re doing a great job!”,
he looks at me with questioning eyes,
“A good job”, I say.
He replies: “Good”, and smiles, before he continues
down the street. It’s still raining.
I enter the building.


~ by Aquatic Poetry on November 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “Nightly tales”

  1. i love the connection in this poem with Vladimir, it is so cool. To give appreciation and reassurance to him, its like a sharing of humanity, and a sense of being nice to people. My father used to say “I am friend to all and enemy of none” words i hold dear to me. Your poem reminded me of that.

  2. Trev,
    the words of your father are beautiful.
    ~ connected are we all in spirit ~

  3. Love the image you created with your words…very vivid.

  4. Tak Charles. (Tak, Danish for thank you!)

  5. i love the imargery at the beginning… so much soul within your sleep filled mind!

  6. sleep filled mind indeed. dreamy scenarios are easy victims for the pen.

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