Would you?

Would you be sad about no tomorrow?
Would you feel sorry for infinity?
Would you like to have a crystal ball,
to see you through?
Would you like to reject life,
because you’re scared?
Would you like to breathe as lightly –
as a butterfly?
Would you be happy knowing that I love you?
Would you walk through all of time,
to feel at ease?
What are your hearts beats
whispering gently,
if you listen, closely?
Is love green or blue?
Dance you not until you had not begun!

~ by Aquatic Poetry on November 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Would you?”

  1. love this poem Malene because we all have questions, we all seek answers. this poem illustrates that we all have questions and in that we all have a similar search for answers. a beautiful poem

  2. hmmm, i get two distinct impressions with this… i think if you intertwined your thoughts in between your questions, it may have rolled from your hand eaiser, but maybe i need to read this tomorrow – i’ve been getting up way to early and it’s starting to htake a toll on my nergies & thoughts! i do like this… don’t take this as a thumb down!!!

  3. Trev, Tak (Danish ~ Thank you)! I’m sure we’ll receive some answers as we stroll along the course of time, being patient?! 🙂

  4. Denise,
    love your comment, it induces afterthought and restructuring of thoughts that’s on the track of they own and get impatient with revising:) I hope the energies are back and making you strong.
    – Malene

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