In vogue?

:: First it’s in vogue,
then something new comes along,
never resting,
always searching,
never just being,
having to impress,
everyone with a slight interest,
who are too bored too
with the colors of sunrise ::

~ by Aquatic Poetry on December 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “In vogue?”

  1. Was just having a conversation with a friend today about how some people ‘must’ have the newest ‘whatever’…interesting poem on that subject…enjoyed it.

  2. would like to have overheard your conversation.
    i wonder when life will just be??
    appreciate you stopping by today!

  3. oh this is gooood!
    the flow…
    the words evoking drama…
    the something that you seek, can be with anything… you can have mulitple-similar-lines-of-question going on!

    and still, not have any answers…
    it’s when you’re not looking, or wondering –
    when you’ll find that you can move on.

  4. i agree, just to float.

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