:: There it is, the grey zone.
There, between content and despair.
There is the machine,
whispering to me
to get a grip,
to hold on to life, tightly,
or be left behind.
I don’t know what exactly that implies!
There I’m taught to love education,
trust it like one would trust a god,
but I’m not educated to read the
words of god, nor do I find
great contentment in having
to act against my bravery.
As I linger on to life,
learning to trust life
by its pure self,
there it is, the grey zone ::


~ by Aquatic Poetry on January 10, 2011.

6 Responses to “Floating”

  1. i hate that zone, too!
    nice write!!!

  2. I think much of it is a ‘gray zone’..no pure colors really anywhere…enjoyed this.

  3. thank you Denise. I feel endurance and courage is much needed to look beyond that zone and into the imagination of life, where there are no rules of life’s purpose. I trying to keep my brave pants on.

  4. rare pure colors. but i’m starting to suspect that the paler colors contain more than what the eyes see?
    thank you for stopping by!

  5. we need to get outside the box and wear our pants on our noses and look thru the eyes of a child to see life more purely, and more at the level on which we can really understand! it’s an exhilerating feeling though, when we have an aHa moment or one of more clarity! Let’s hope well asll have more of them and can share what we learned that day!!!

  6. salute to that. enjoy the day!

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