Let me retreat into dreaming,
before my eyes close.

Let me retreat into a cloud’s domain
turning from blue to purple and rose.

Let me retreat into love,
cutting off the dead smell
of inane limbs.

Let me dare feel
the light,
that I neglect,
emerge from the stubborn
shepherd’s fields
clouded by fears.

Let me retreat into dreaming
and find my heart,
behind the corridors of my hopes,
behind the hazy fragrance of my sea.

(Phanta-bird is an experiment that came to life one day)


~ by Aquatic Poetry on January 29, 2011.

7 Responses to “Retreat”

  1. As I read this I could just hear the waves of the ocean in the background as I began to dream about tomorrow…lovely poem.

  2. beautiful words that challenge and expose that human instinct to shield and hide inside, perhaps this is the defense mechanism hardwired into us all. but to emerge again to see the world of beauty with new eyes. thank you for sharing this poem

  3. Thank you for reading Trev.
    There is this light inside that wants to create and the urge is waiting for the approval, in each of us — I find that process so magical!

  4. Charles, I hope you get swept away by those selfsame waves to an unknown place πŸ™‚

  5. I envisioned this in a card,
    have you ever thought of marketing your poetry this way?
    just askin’!

  6. Denise, you’re sweet πŸ™‚ Yesterday, I had a talk with my husband, Pablo, about how to leave the path of being the employee and become independent. He’s an artist (painter and writer) and it’s how to turn that thing which you love to do and make it something sustainable. We’re cooking up something, just don’t know how the pot will come out?!
    What are you thinking about your writings, how would you like it to be part of your life?
    Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  7. superb poetry, my favorite:

    Let me retreat into love,
    cutting off the dead smell
    of inane limbs.

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