Light illusions

Slowly showing a newborn face.
Spring is here.
I sprang over the fence,
which is quite forbidden here,
since that implies that I brush
off the smell of winter, that by now
has acquired a decaying odour,
that even the pure winter wind is unable to calm.
Over the fence,
the plants will not stop having babies,
my heart beats wild,
unstoppably youthful,
My Nordic blood,
flaming hot,
the layers of ice,
melting from my shoulders.
I have already forgotten that
made me question,
light existed,
or if I,
being the sucker,
were delusional.


~ by Aquatic Poetry on March 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Light illusions”

  1. lovely those first signs of spring. 😉 I have flowers in bloom here in SoCal already!

  2. it truly warms the soul.

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