As Nature

I will blunt all fears
Fear not the outcome
Of my outbursts
Fear not the reactions
Of those fears
Since they are born
And they too shall die away.

I will cry the selfsame
Tears, that only children
Are able to unveil,
Those spontaneous
And pure states of being,
Yet unaware and open
To life.

~ by Aquatic Poetry on June 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “As Nature”

  1. that feeling of being unaware and open like a child, i see that in my two kids and how they see things, its a constant reminder to not over complicate life and just let it happen, not worry about the next thing but cherish and love the moment of time I live in now. to live in amazement and love of the spontaneous moments that are both funny and beautiful. your words are so incredibly inspirational to me… be yet unaware and open to life.. wow! that in itself is a sentence that will ring around my head for a long time. Thank you Malene

  2. Thank you Trev for reading, and I’m glad that we can share a mutual amazement for life.

  3. It’s sad that we forget how to live like a child because of imposed rules of adulthood…enjoyed the poem.

  4. This is a general thought I come across often, but the other day it got especially triggered after watching the movie, Tree of Life.. Beautiful..

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