Time and the moon.

The moon is half lit,
My heart is whole.
Is it only I or is it hard to grasp,
This whole goddamn circumstance.
The universe roars and
Leaves an array of stardust.
Hardly nothing is pure.
I hardly have TIME to
Grasp it.
Because I’m busy,
Waiting for god.
And while I forget,
What I’m looking for,
The moon, half lit and drunken,
Is naked behind the rooftop.
Again, forgotten –
Waiting for me to attentively
Kiss goodnight proper.


~ by Aquatic Poetry on July 8, 2011.

5 Responses to “Time and the moon.”

  1. just beautiful Malene, its a wonderful poem. i love the lines “again, forgotten” because it i feel that so often, like i rush through the moments and days, in a confusion of stuff that just has to be done in all the bullshit business of a day. this poem reminds me to for the changes in the colour of the leaves on the trees, to greet the moon and watch as it passes through its lunar changes. And too makes me want to listen to Brian Enos album Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks, have to put that on tomorrow morning. Have a good weekend. Thanks for sharing a wonderful poem.

  2. I really like the way you’ve phrased this poem..it creates a strong mood.

  3. Thank you Trev. I’m on my way to hitting the west coast of Denmark, to be with the ocean 🙂
    Enjoy the weekend too and glad that this petite offering of words brings about thought in you.

  4. “Kiss goodnight proper”…. is there a more beautiful way of saying it?
    When I greet the Moon I feel so peaceful, it’s luminosity is a reminder that we need not to be unhappy. There’s always some light, somewhere.
    Enjoy your ocean Danish break, dear Malene & thank you for sharing this poem of yours. Beautiful! ~~~

  5. Were sitting in dunes of sand in front of the ocean till 4 this morning. I got to say goodnight and good morning to the sun, and the moon dipped into the sea in it’s half full presence. There is always light indeed. Thank you for you lovely words.

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