In vain.
It’s in vain,
To let the spirit lose
Track of it’s own shadow.
Follow it into the conundrum
Of tomorrow.
The heart is wise
And knows already the folly
Of the mind.
Chattering, cloaked as pure blossom,
In gardens of disaster.
To rewrite the ancient scripts
Of life,
Where love is laughter
Where the unknown, unmapped,
Will be undressed
In due time.
There is no crystal ball!


~ by Aquatic Poetry on July 21, 2011.

3 Responses to “Nowness!”

  1. The crystal ball does exist…but it show nothing but the reflection of the viewer…enjoyed your poem.

  2. Well said. But not to make those self-made reflections into the future I consider the true challenge.
    Thanks for stopping by…

  3. The title of your poem draws my attention here tonight.
    Life is trully a laughing matter… you have to laugh. Then you’ll find a way to be in the Now, in the moment. And yes, I agree with the previous commentator.

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