On Folly

I live in shadows of delusion.
All things in this material world,
Blinds me
Numbs me,
Makes my heart soft,
Muddied clay.
Tears like streams,
Into little ponds
Of sirens and nymphs.
Shadows in the water
Of sugar covered apples,
Red as lips,
Passionate from longing.
I let emotion take
The better of me.
Let myself be dragged,
Through endless forests,
Unfamiliar sounds, before –
Before I come to the realization,
That the emotional ride,
Too, is a delusion.
I then encounter,
A quiet place,
Where there is but
The sounds of laughter
From open hearts.

Excuse me now,
I must go play.


~ by Aquatic Poetry on August 27, 2011.

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