The heavy load of habit.

It is dark,
The moon betrayed by her own light.
Long nights turn dark.
Weeping are the weepy children
Of dried roses.
What remains are habitual tendencies.
Lighted is the candle,
Flame taken for granted.
Our hearts holds a simmering disaster,
Which we allow.
For what.?
Further collective misery?
Lovers in a lover’s amulet
Portraying  love as love is defined.
What ground can we hold,
Depths of love truly encounter
When we remain external,
Breathing heredity?
Loves thou not thy neighbor as thyself
Bleeds he not enough,
Must his tears turn bloody red?
Prejudices and fantasy.


~ by Aquatic Poetry on September 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “The heavy load of habit.”

  1. I’ve been thinking about every lines.I want to quote one of the lines but all of them are connected to one another beautifully. I like how you use metaphors and you are definitely playing with words. I’m in love with this kind of poetry.

  2. I love to experiment with writing, i understand by doing so, readers might loose their patience reading – however I have to keep exploring my own form of expression.
    I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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