There beats a fire in my heart
The question is how do we levitate from here?

My spirit is calm in this evening’s generous post summer breeze

Questions are swelling.
Must it come from education?
Internal investigation?
From love?
How does one become free?
Are we?
How can I help you?
How can you help me?

There are babies inside
Wombs tonight
That I wish must bloom.

I take pleasure in watching the dew ridden grass in the morning light.
The tree with her long arms and her body. Feminine and full.
I take pleasure in the people whom I walk by,
I smile and pay attention to their Reaction.                                                                                                                                                              A communion that causes a tendency of pumping veins,
excited heart.
Communion. Of individuals – strangers?

I see nothing but light in us. All of us.
I see nothing but light.

Blossoming lava, in human volcanoes.


~ by Aquatic Poetry on October 1, 2011.

5 Responses to “Volcanoes”

  1. A wonderful attitude to have in such a confusing world sometimes.

  2. “A communion that causes a tendency of pumping veins,
    excited heart. Communion. Of individuals – strangers?”
    I felt that line very much.
    Everyone needs a little help sometimes but in the end, I guess in my opinion, we’ll find out that we’re all alone and we’re all victims of our own minds.

  3. Divided and united. What really fits to this occasion is this quote: “As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.” – Socrates

  4. This one is the best I have read this season…perfect rhythm, and it intensifies the effect of the theme. There are deep and unsettling questions, and then there is an urgency in the tone which unsettles the reader too. I love it when a poem achieves such a harmony! It’s a b’ful piece!

    Unfortunately, the answers to the “swelling” questions are no where to be found; you are right, we often look for them where not..”education”, investigation”…creation.

    I wish to quote a few lines I loved the best in your poem, but, I fear I may end up quoting the entire poem 🙂

    Thanks for writing and sharing! Keep up the good work!

  5. Tina, i’m happy if it stirred a bit of commotion. i look for levitation of the mind and spirit and am a bit lost when having to try to fit into a prefabricated box. it doesn’t work for everyone.
    please feel free to quote if you feel inspired.

    as always thank you for stopping by and this thoughtful comment.

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