Under the Moon

Restless under the moon,

Impatient with desire.

Blossoming ignorance.

Feeble melody

Of happiness.

Purpose of hardship

Squeezed in under illusory illusion.

Tears lacking sincerity,

They too in vain.

Awake from dreaming

Or is this still?

Obedient only to the

Sun’s rise and the Moon’s wisdom.

Lonely riders under specks of light

Survey their paths until they too

Fall asleep,

Dreaming forever.

Lingering not in despair

Rather suffering from

Seeing the imaginary unfold


Unable yet to tame the

Flaming gallop,

Who flickers blindfolded

Amongst summits of patience.


(Painting – Ouroboros  By: www.darkrubymoon.redbubble.com)


~ by Aquatic Poetry on November 15, 2011.

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