Pulsating veins

The return of life in veins.
Something once dormant.
Spirit awakened.
Too long lingering in shades.
Hidden behind veils upon veils
Of resistance.
Long before you fell into life.
Many had wondered too
Who are we?
Your wild eyes,
Never took into the abyss
And returned
Dreams whisper
Bodies on the earth.
Du da di da da da.
Flashes in the night.
Growth of that which grows.
Observant –
No need for gestures
And opinions
Just look and lay.
Be on your way to
And mad laughter.

She sweeps over windows
With frosty lungs.
The purifier.
And amplifier.
Of spirit.

Indeed change.

(Photo by my brother Morten Raun)


~ by Aquatic Poetry on December 7, 2011.

3 Responses to “Pulsating veins”

  1. Beautiful picture!

  2. I am trying to decipher the meaning. It’s beautiful and deep. The meaning I guess is ineffable.

  3. Simone. A meaning would be to describe a lightness cause by the absence of resistance towards momentary life. this absence has for me a tendency of awakening a rare beauty, that brings life to spirit. However I hope you can appreciate it however you decipher it. Thank you. Malene

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