No division as we float amongst each other,
In society.
Resistance, a faint sound, hollow and vain.

A silent whisper, gone unnoticed.
The Sun is shining,
But her children are not dancing.
There is no play, the streets and the night,
Lost its stars.
Vi laugh into emptiness,
Instead of drinking the fullness.
Here we are again,
At this silent table.
Too serious to notice life that occurs
Underneath the tablecloth,
Where children are at play.

The moon yawns, she’s light and bright.
Open and empty.
Tranquility is fostered, on mountaintops, it seems.
When ready to descent,
An untroubled liquid birth takes place,
Released into the stream,
That just floats.

~ by Aquatic Poetry on January 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “Wonder?”

  1. The last five lines of the second stanza are just wonderful to me…it captures some many moments I’ve seen as couples sit silently at a table.

  2. I find it quite interesting how we forget to play, becoming too self-conscious, as we grow older – couples, as you said, sitting silent forgetting the play and love, which they most likely found themselves surrounded by, as they fell in love, sometimes playfulness gets lost, without us noticing it – ?
    Lovely you stopped by. 🙂

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