Balancing nothingness.

The echo is all that’s left,
Hanging in the air,
Like curly cigarette smoke.

Once there was I ,
Now a new I,
Tomorrow again.
There keeps being
Something to do,
Another floor to reach.
But the darn elevator
Wont take me there.
Instead tunnels are offered,
Fears in purple and blue.
Until faith or some other villain wills it,
Nobody dares to hit stop,
To ask for help.

Helplessness in a yellow puddle
Of hypocrisy, sprinkled with piss,
Wont get far
Of making a decision.
Not sure were this will lead,
Where it’s led so far.
However, trying to follow
Whatever flow,
Seems the sanest,
If such a thing exists.


~ by Aquatic Poetry on January 8, 2012.

4 Responses to “Balancing nothingness.”

  1. A very intriguing poem…got my day started off thinking hard.

  2. gorgeous stuff. I`ve been rereading A Rebours today, and this poem seems to fit perfectly with the yellow tinged deliquesence of that book! Cheers !

  3. thank you Benjamin – I looked into A Rebours, will get around to read it – didn’t know the author till now 🙂 enjoyed coming across your writings too. Malene

  4. Charles, I hope not a hard day all together.

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