The night is filled
With northern lights and emptiness
The illusion I’ve carried for years
Is crumbling
Thick like honey
Light as the heaviest feather
Descending into
Blistering darkness,
To slowly be erased
Ebbing out into


The mother who had initially squeezed out the
Meek invisibility.
You break all rules,
All boundaries for sanity.
You only exist,
Because I’ve blown your flame.

Painting: Cosmic Flower by; Kaia Thomas



~ by Aquatic Poetry on January 24, 2012.

6 Responses to “Flame”

  1. Really liked it. Could you please explain the significance of the painting to the work, please?

  2. The last line was just a brilliant ending to this poem..it brought forth so many memories and images in my mind…loved it.

  3. i understood just now, rereading it, that the ending could be interpreted in many ways – however i hold it dear that it brings forth a special a special imagery to you.

  4. To be honest with you (supertramp), i just really like the art of Kaia Thomas, however i found that we have a tendency to lead ourselves into the spiraling rabbit hole of illusion and i found this particular mandala painting an appropriate symbol for this. thank you for stopping by;

  5. Oh yes, Thank you so much for introducing me to Kaia Thomas. The reason I asked the question was because the juxtaposition intrigued and amazed me. Well, some great art and poetry is often produced down in that hole. 🙂

    Keep Writing!

  6. you’re welcome – i hope you get to discover more of her work. you keep writing too 🙂

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