Because I wait

Have we run like fishes
across the heavens
trying to follow
flock for ages?
Finding, however
that the flock
also moves,
like the same stream.

Can we find
own little garden
from which
life grows
when you meet
in fog and
lilac roped,
as if you were
from Venus
or from
the beyond
have to
grow our own


~ by Aquatic Poetry on September 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “Because I wait”

  1. Good things happen to those who wait.

    Wishing you a blessed and peaceful Christmas and 2013.
    Love and light from Tree Spirit ~~~

  2. Dear treespirit,

    Thank you for your lovely message.
    I hope you enjoyed Christmas and I wish for you peace and joy in the new year. Malene

  3. You are very welcome Malene!
    2013 is here… what magnificent new beginnings are awaiting us.
    Wishing you a super new year!

    Love & Light,
    Tree Spirit

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