A scene!

Walking to release the anger.
At it’s zenith, color felt blood-red like a pulsating artery in remorse,
turning the corner, as the flowers romanced,
anger lost it’s pace and blushed lilac.
A few more corners tumbled behind,
green infested the infected corners of brain – and a final surrender bloomed  into aquatic release, as teardrops of sailors out at calm sea.
A walk.

However, much is caused by the ego, he said.
I agreed, but not until later – and without revealing this to him.

I walked through the door and said:
“I went for a walk and anger left”.
We embraced.


~ by Aquatic Poetry on May 24, 2013.

5 Responses to “A scene!”

  1. Nohting like nature to place into perspective our emoitions.

  2. True, I find that the emotions tend to dissolve and become encounters of insignificance when in fresh air!
    The train of thought coiled to the emotion is interesting to observe 🙂

  3. Release and Let Go. Release and Let Go. Release and Let Go. When the mind doesn’t want to achieve anything, it is quiet. Finally.

    Love the photograph. I’ve just released lots of anger and unfairness myself, I’ve been doing Archangel Michael Meditations which have helped me immensely. It’s by Diana Cooper. Just Google it. Try it Malene if you feel “the call”. It’s so uplifting that you become fearless and much more powerful in your own Journey.
    Sending you Love & Light ~~~

  4. Dear Treespirit,
    I think this was rather an anger not too profound. The release came without much trouble. Funny how emotions seem not to hold importance when they aren’t given any?!

    Enjoy your weekend and thank you for you lovely comment- I will keep your advise in mind, should I need it in the future.

  5. Hi, I agree with you. The important of things, including emotions, are always relative.
    Have a wonderful weekend! xx

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